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About Me

name Simon
fan from Vienna, Austria (Europe)
fan since 2000
biggest highlight so far Titanic 3D premiere in London, Hollywood in Vienna - The World of James Horner and every Céline Dion concert
soon: Titanic Live @ the Royal Albert Hall, London 2015
titanic-passion.com online since 2008

fav Kate movie Titanic, Revolutionary Road, Little Children, Carnage
fav Céline song A New Day Has Come, Pour Que Tu M'aimes Encore and many more

The Story
Why called "Titanic"-Passion and then so many other movies? Well, 'Titanic' is still the center of Kate
Winslet's career (for many people who don't know her that much) and it was the reason I became a fan
of everyone and everything about 'TITANIC'. But especially of 2 women: Kate Winslet & Céline Dion.

For the very first time I saw "Titanic" on vacation in Florida in 2000! We lived in a beautiful flat and its' owner
had the film on video cassette. I have always heard schoolmates and friends talking about that "gigant"-movie and
I knew I had to watch it. I did and I fell in love ... with the story, the music, the actors, everything - the whole movie!
I don't remember what I did between 2000 and 2002, but I started being a real & obsessed fan in 2002, when Céline Dion
released her comeback-album "A New Day Has Come".

And since then I was following Winslet's & Dion's career and loved almost every project they did.

NOW - after waiting for so many years I finally got the chance to see "TITANIC" on the big screen. I've watched it 4 times at the cinema.

1) Titanic 3D - World Premiere in London, March 27th 2012
2) Titanic 3D - Austrian Preview, April 5th 2012
3) Titanic 3D - 100 years after the sinking, April 14th 2012
4) Titanic 3D - April 17th 2012

I also had the pleasure to see Céline five times live so far.

1) Vienna, Austria - 1st July 2008 - Taking Chances World Tour
2) Las Vegas, Nevada - 31st December 2011 - Celine Las Vegas Show
3) Las Vegas, Nevada - 3rd January 2012 - Celine Las Vegas Show
4) Paris, France - 30th November 2013 - Sans Attendre Mini Europe Tour
5) Paris, France - 1st December 2013 - Sans Attendre Mini Europe Tour